Antoine Isaac

Affiliation: Europeana + Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Sector: Consortia and Networks, Research

Country: European Union


Antoine works as scientific coordinator for Europeana and researcher in the Web an Media group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He has been investigating and promoting the use of Semantic Web technology in the Cultural Heritage environment since his PhD studies in Computer Science at the Université Paris IV Sorbonne and the Institut national de l'audiovisuel. His work focuses especially on the representation and interoperability of collections and their vocabularies (STITCH, TELplus and EuropeanaConnect projects). He has been a member of the W3C Semantic Web Deployment Working Group, where he was mostly involved in the design of SKOS. He is currently serving as co-chair of the W3C Library Linked Data incubator group and SKOS community contact.

Related Projects:
Europeana is aiming at making available the metadata it harvests via LOD. A small prototype will perhaps be available at the time of the Summit. At the Vrije Universiteit I have also been involved in various LOD projects: RAMEAU subject headings, Wordnet 3.0, Amsterdam Museum.

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