Andrew Ashton

Affiliation: Brown University Library

Sector: Library, Humanities, Academic, Research

Country: United States


Twitter: andyashton

Bio: Andrew Ashton is the Director of Digital Technologies at Brown University Library. He leads a group of librarians, developers, and technology staff devoted to supporting and exploring the intersection of digital library technologies with teaching and research at the university. He oversees the development of the Brown Digital Repository and advocates for its role as a locus for digital objects that impact the university’s mission. He has worked as a developer and a project manager on a number of projects centered around TEI data, and is leading a project to develop TEI analysis tools for the SEASR framework. He has presented and published on numerous topics relating to library technologies, the Semantic Web, and working with digital texts. He holds a MA in American History, a MLS, and a BA in Music from Cornell University.

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