Alexander O'Neill

Affiliation: University of Prince Edward Island

Sector: Library

Country: Canada


Twitter: alxp

I've been working as a software developer for the UPEI Robertson Library since the Summer of 2008. I have worked on several different projects while here, all contributing to open source software projects. I've made contributions to the Evergreen ILS software to make it suitable for use in an academic library, as well as improving general usability and adding features such as Google Books integration. I've been one of the main developers on the Islandora software project which seeks to build a versatile front-end to the Fedora Commons digital repository software built on top of the Drupal content management system. I've been acting as Islandora's release manager and doing much of the re-architecting work and planning of its future direction. My interests are in project management, software architecture, interoperability and user experience, as well as a major interest in ensuring software is accessible to users with physical disabilities, especially print disabilities. In my free time I have developed software to interpret output from braille devices, and also a program which converts video subtitles into digitized speech synchronized with the subtitles' timing.

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