asa letourneau

Affiliation: public record office victoria

Sector: Archive

Country: Australia


Twitter: asaletourneau

I work in the digital projects team at Public Record Office Victoria (Victorian state government archives). I pretty much spend every waking moment thinking about how best we can use new technologies to expose this amazing collection of documentary heritage to the world. I am specifically interested in visualisations, GIS, virtual world, serious games, linked open data, interoperability, semantic technologies and formats, and licensing agreements that will support navigation of the collection and connect it to a web of related data.

Related Projects:
Supporting a pilot initiative for crowdsourcing the transcription and markup of documentary heritage from the state archives using TEI. Supporting the first ever data publishing project at the state archives. Helped co-ordinate PROV's first ever Hack Day with a view to building apps that will promote the use of open data such as wills and probates, passenger lists, digitised maps and historic plans.

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