Bradley Allen

Affiliation: Elsevier

Sector: For-Profit, Publishing

Country: United States


Twitter: bradleypallen

I am currently leading R&D at Elsevier, the world's leading scientific publisher. Previous to joining Elsevier in 2009, I was a serial entrepreneur who built and led teams in the design, development, launch and operation of innovative Web businesses, mainly at the nexus of information retrieval, open linked data and machine learning technologies.

Related Projects:
In recent years, Elsevier has developed a number of applications that use semantic enhancement of scholarly content to provide improved access and discovery and visualization of that content in the context of online research. We are currently embarked on a program of applying linked data principles to extend our existing publication and online delivery systems so that the development and deployment of such applications can both become routine and standardized in a way that makes Elsevier a significant source of linked data in support of scholarly communication on the Web. This raises a host of issues that are valid topics for the Summit, including use/copyright, scalable linked data infrastructure, and interaction with and use of library linked data standards for bibliographic and bibliometric data.

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