Corey A Harper

Affiliation: New York University

Sector: Library, Academic, Research

Country: United States

Twitter: chrpr

Corey A Harper has been the Metadata Services Librarian at NYU since early 2007. The first 2 years of that time was spent on an ILS migration, and on the implementation and upkeep of a next-generation Enterprise Search System: Ex Libris' Primo. This experience has further convinced him of the need for more rigorous data modeling and the use of common web protocols to support metadata interoperability. Prior to coming to NYU, Corey was nearly-a-cataloger-but-instead-a-Metadata-Librarian, as well as a Digital Library Developer and accidentally a systems librarian at the University of Oregon. Corey has far too detailed an understanding of the MARC format, and is an amateur programmer, primarily writing Perl--and lately Ruby--scripts to try to tease useful data out of MARC and mine it for patterns.

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