Kristin Eschenfelder

Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sector: Library, Archive, Museum, Humanities, Academic, Research

Country: United States


Hi, I am an Associate Professor at the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I teach people to be librarians and archivists in an increasingly digital world. I'm interested in helping to develop new norms to encourage libraries, archives and museums to make more of their collections available for re-use by a creative public. But I'm also interested in increasing open knowledge/culture activists' understanding of why some archive, library and museum content is not suitable for open access and free reuse. In essence - I want people to understand that their are moral, legal and just plain old resource constraints on open collections. In my research, I study the complex, multi-level networks of laws, customs, technologies, business arrangements and expectations that shape what information we can access and how we can make use of tissues of hat information. This includes issues of digital intellectual and cultural property law, rights management practices, content licensing (creative commons and otherwise), available technological tools, and the dynamics of the publishing industry. Most recently I have been writing about barriers to open digital collections ("commons collections") in libraries, archives & museums.

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