Ethan Gruber

Affiliation: The American Numismatic Society

Sector: Library, Archive, Museum, Humanities, Academic

Country: United States

Twitter: ewg118

I am a Database and Web Services Developer for the American Numismatic Society. I am interested in information architecture pertaining to cultural heritage projects, specifically with respect to coins and similar archaeological artifacts. I'm also a part time graduate student at the University of Virginia, studying classical art and archaeology, and am involved in several 3D modeling projects of Roman sites.

Related Projects:
One of the core missions of the American Numismatic Society is to provide access to numismatic resources (not only coins, but the society's library and archives) to researchers and the general public. I am developing a new public interface for the collection, which consists of more than 600,000 objects. This interface not only includes HTML pages for each coin, but also content delivered by KML and OpenLayers, RDF, and Atom feeds. The Atom feed enables one to efficiently scrape the entire collection, page by page. These services are all driven by a Solr search index. Moreover, we are beginning development on a new open access catalog of Roman imperial coins, each type to be represented by RDF (maybe) and connected to images and metadata hosted by other partner institutions. The importance of providing access to the data cannot be understated; it can open an entire new world of research for numismatists, economists, art historians, etc. URL:

I also dabble in archival metadata. The ANS collection is represented in fragments of EAD XML with an altered numismatic ontology with a variety of attributes, and I am developing EADitor, an XForms-based approach to creating EAD finding aids.

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