George Oates

Affiliation: Internet Archive

Sector: Library, Archive, Humanities, Other NGO or Non-Profit, Fun!

Country: United States


Twitter: openlibrary

Hello. I work at the Internet Archive, leading the Open Library project. I've been designing online applications since about 1996, and have been nurturing an addiction to the world of museums, archives and libraries since I launched the Flickr Commons program back in January of 2008.

Related Projects:
Open Library exposes its data as RDF, JSON and the relatively new OPDS format. You can also use the API to access all sorts of other book-related things, like covers, subject data and other stuff. I used to work at Flickr, which is world-renowned as a guiding force in the construction, development, and documentation of APIs. (Not that I wrote any of that, but, you know.) There are a bunch of Internet Archive projects that would seriously benefit from an overhaul at the web services level, and that's something I hope to help with.

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