Eric Hellman

Affiliation: Gluejar, Inc.

Sector: For-Profit, Media

Country: United States


Twitter: gluejar

Eric Hellman is a technologist, entrepreneur, and writer. After 10 years at Bell Labs in physics research, Eric became interested in technologies surrounding e-journals and libraries. His first business, Openly Informatics, developed OpenURL linking software and knowledgebases, and was acquired by OCLC in 1996. At OCLC, he led the effort to productize and expand the xISBN service, and began the development of OCLC's Electronic Resource Management offerings. After leaving OCLC, Eric began blogging at 'Go To Hellman'. He covers the intersection of technology, libraries and ebooks, and has written extensively on the Semantic Web and Linked Data. He is now developing a new business to enable the collective acquisition of ebooks into the public commons.

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I've written 29 articles that touch on Linked Data: I'll be giving a talk on Linked Data at ALA in New Orleans. It would be nice to have something encouraging to say.

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