Jamie Taylor

Affiliation: Google/Freebase

Sector: For-Profit, Research

Country: United States

Twitter: drejtiv

When the worlds information is available as structured data interesting things start to happen. Open Data, as a resource, flows between providers and those who can increase its value, forming markets. Data providers can reap value through the work provided by external data consumers. Data consumers obtain value through access to new data sets which can fuel value added services. My long term interest is in providing data infrastructure and services which facilitates this type of market ecosystem. To that end, I have been involved in developing systems which create and expose structured data both within large enterprise systems and in large scale public systems. I help launch one of the first Bay Area ISPs providing dedicated ISDN service to downtown San Francisco and have been an evangelist for Freebase and semantic data in general. Over the years I have provided technical consulting for companies like CSC, CapGemini/Ernst and Young and co-authoring the O'Reilly book 'Programming the Semantic Web.' I currently work for Google and hold a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Behavioral Economics.

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