Jodi Schneider

Affiliation: DERI, National University of Ireland

Sector: Library, Sciences, Other NGO or Non-Profit, Academic, Research

Country: Ireland


Twitter: jschneider

I am a Ph.D. student in the Semantic Web at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute at NUI Galway, Ireland. My research is on argumentation, scientific and scholarly communication, and the Social Semantic Web. I am a working member of two W3C groups: Library Linked Data and biosciences Scientific Discourse. Previously I was a librarian in U.S. academic libraries. I became a Semantic Web researcher to bring these two worlds together, and to help ensure that libraries would become part of the Web of (meta)data.

Related Projects:
For the W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group, I am curating community-contributed use cases in two areas: Digital Objects and Social & Emerging Uses. I regularly publish research papers about semantic technologies. Recently I have spoken about the need for reading-aware ontologies to support diverse reading tasks, about an ontology I created for Wikipedia discussions, and about modeling social media discussions with RDF. I'm currently working on ontologies for scholarly papers with a W3C group on Scientific Discourse in biosciences. Licensing issues are generally familiar to me from my work as a librarian; my most direct experience comes from using Creative Commons licenses for two open access projects. Four years ago, I was a founding editor for the Code4Lib Journal, an open access library technology journal; thanks to input from the DOAJ and retroactive agreement from authors, in our first year of operation we became CC-BY licensed. My current open access project is AcaWiki, a which collects CC-BY licensed research summaries using Semantic MediaWiki.

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