Jo Pugh

Affiliation: The National Archives

Sector: Archive, Government (incl National and State libraries and archives)

Country: United Kingdom


Twitter: mentionthewar

I am a member of the Education and Outreach team at The National Archives working on the department’s award winning website formerly known as Learning Curve. (Now it’s more of a TWAIN). I launched The National Archives’ Flickr presence in 2008 and run a project to tweet WWII in real time using British Cabinet Papers. My other research interests at the Archives have included British cinema, 1950s horror comics and how to win a duel - I recently worked with the History Channel to arrange one. I've worked at a number of museums and galleries including the National Portrait Gallery and the Petrie Collection and for BBC History.

Related Projects:

I'm currently working to locate and release datasets via our Labs website, improve the quality of datasets we've already released - using Sir Tim's handy 5 star scale and pitch potential applications using this data to developers. This project is still at a pretty early stage.

The creation by Information Managers here of the Government Open Information Licence has removed many significant legal barriers to releasing data but the gap between groundbreaking government initiatives like and the UK government web archive and the historical records we hold which developers are so anxious to access is very, very wide. I want to try and do my best to bridge it with the very limited resources currently available in this time of budget cuts.

I presented at JISC's Survive and Thrive conference last year and at History Hack Day this January. I've partnered with developers to work on applications using data from the Cabinet Papers and our collections relating to Victorian photography. Right now I'm focusing on releasing more data from our Archon directory and attempting to map 19th-20th century shipping routes using data from our catalogue but I'd love to discuss something more ambitious in concert with other institutions.

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