Jerry Persons

Affiliation: Knowledge Motifs LLC

Sector: Library, Academic

Country: United States


Veteran technology analyst for the Stanford University Libraries with broad-based expertise in knowledge management and information delivery tools applicable to the support of scholarship and research for university faculty and students. As one of the co-founders of Knowledge Motifs, continues to pursue, experiment with, and track emerging technologies--screening them for their likely 3-5 year impact on the knowledge management and information service environments found in research libraries.

Related Projects:
current effort on behalf of the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) -- a broad-based analytical survey of capabilities, projects, programs, tools, and resources associated with linked data and related technologies. The report will provide background for the Linked Data Workshop -- background aimed at launching that work with all participants having a commonly shared and relatively complete grasp of the linked data landscape as it relates to the Workshop's objectives

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