Julie Allinson

Affiliation: University of York

Sector: Library, Museum, Humanities, Academic, Research

Country: United Kingdom

Website: http://dlib.york.ac.uk/

Twitter: julieallinson

I am currently Digital Library Manager for the University of York and have been in this role for a little over 3 years. My overarching responsibility is in managing the development of a multimedia Digital Library for the University, based on Fedora Commons software with a custom front-end and workflow. Within this role, I also manage and partner in a number of funded projects, both development projects and digitisation projects. Currently we are nearing the launch of our new interface, developed in house with funding from JISC which makes considerable use of solr in both its access control and search/discovery components. The selection of Fedora Commons as the core software for our digital library has enabled me to employ developers, bid for additional funding and engage more widely in the Fedora community. Previously I have worked for UKOLN, a digital information research centre based at the University of Bath, as a research officer where I undertook various pieces of work in support of the JISC Digital Repositories Programme. In addition I was co-lead in the development of the Scholarly Works Application Profile (SWAP), project manager of the first and second phases of the SWORD (Simple Web service Offering Repository Deposit) Project and also a member of the Dublin Core Usage Board and OAI-ORE Advisory Group. Prior to this I held various library and archives roles involving metadata creation and preparing finding aids for online delivery, in particular in EAD through the Archives Hub. I am a qualified librarian, English graduate and have developed a good level of technical understanding gained over 14 years.

Related Projects:
Of chief interest to lod-lam is a recently commenced project called OpenART which is funded by JISC and will design and expose linked open data for an important research dataset entitled ‘The London Art World 1660-1735’, created as part of the AHRC funded Court, Country, City: British Art 1660 – 1735 project. This project is a collaboration with the Tate Museum in London and will enable us to expose a dataset which is rich in relationships and will include metadata about some Tate collections alongside information about people and places collected from a range of museum and library sources. The project will run for six months. Following on from this, we would hope to use the same approach to releasing all of the Digital Library publicly available collection metadata as open data. At present these include a range of humanities-focussed image collections. The Tate too are interested in reusable approaches to open data coming out of the project. Further information about the project is available on the project blog (http://yorkdl.wordpress.com/). My particular experience includes experience in project management (various JISC Projects), writing use cases, standards development (SWORD, SWAP, OAI-ORE), metadata (DC, EAD, VRA, MODS), copyright and licensing (license conditions for library data, creative commons licensing) and at an institutional level, writing policies.

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