Kris Carpenter Negulescu

Affiliation: Internet Archive

Sector: not for profit

Country: United States

The Internet Archive (IA) is an entrepreneurial and technologically innovative nonprofit. IA’s web archive, launched in 1996, contains over 4 petabytes of data compressed, ~175+ billion publicly accessible web captures (, including content from every top-level domain, 200+ million web sites, in over 60 languages. Kris is the Director of the Web Group at IA and leads a team responsible for • Developing the Heritrix open source web crawler and Wayback machine software as well as other tools used to search, mine, analyze & replay archived web content • Providing expertise and services in web archiving, data mining and access to national and state libraries & archives, universities, museums, research institutes, and many other institutions around the globe. • Collaborating to promote best practices for web publishing, harvesting, preservation, access and bulk research. Kris represents IA on the International Internet Preservation Consortium steering committee and is co-chair of the Access Working Group. Prior to joining the Archive, Kris led teams that delivered web search, ecommerce marketplace and transactional services, primarily for venture-backed Silicon Valley start-ups. Kris received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Masters of Arts in Organizational Behavior (an interdisciplinary program in Sociology/Industrial Engineering/Business) from Stanford University.

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