Douglas Knox

Affiliation: Newberry Library

Sector: Library, Archive, Humanities

Country: United States


Twitter: knoxdw

I am the Director of Publication and Digital Initiatives at the Newberry Library, and have worked on a number of digital exhibition and reference publication projects at the Newberry over the past decade. I became interested in Linked Open Data in an exploratory way as a consumer of it, and wrote up some notes on a small experiment with Chronicling America holdings data last year. Currently I am directing a project to create a digital version of the Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey, a 1930s typescript collection and translation of approximately 50,000 articles originally published in Chicago between the 1860s and 1930s in newspapers from twenty-two linguistic and ethnic groups. This is being developed as an open web publication with careful attention to URLs and faceted browsing. Finally, I have had some involvement with the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, a major research and reference publication of the Newberry Library that completed work in 2010. The Atlas produced shapefiles and structured data that could be interesting from a linked data perspective, particularly because the data is both spatial and temporal.

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