Lori Jahnke

Affiliation: College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Sector: Library, Archive, Museum, Humanities, Academic, Research

Country: United States

Lori M. Jahnke is the S. Gordon Castigliano CLIR Fellow at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia where she is conducting a strategic assessment of the historic medical library. In addition to having more than ten years of experience in academic and special libraries, she is an active researcher in the biological and cultural dimensions of human health. Lori received her Ph.D. in biological anthropology from Tulane University with specializations in human variation and paleopathology. Her dissertation research focused on the biological consequences of social stratification in the late pre-Columbian Andes. Through the Council on Libraries and Information Resources, she also serves as a research consultant for the Scholarly Engagement with Hidden Special Collections and Archives project.

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