Diane Hillmann

Affiliation: Metadata Management Associates

Sector: Library

Country: United States

Website: http://managemetadata.com

Twitter: Metadata_Maven

Diane Hillmann is currently a partner in the consulting firm Metadata Management Associates. From 1977 to 2008 she was associated with Cornell University Library, as a law cataloger, technical services manager, and manager of authorities and maintenance processes for the Cornell Library’s database. She also participated in the Cornell portion of the National Science Digital Library Core Infrastructure as Director of Library Services and Operations between 2000-2005. (http://nsdl.org). Diane was a liaison to and member of MARBI from the late 1980’s to 2000, specializing in the Holdings and Authorities formats, which lead to her early participation in the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. She is currently a member of the DCMI Advisory Board, was co-Program Chair for the DC-2010 conference in Pittsburgh, and continues through DC-2011 in the Netherlands. Hilllmann is co-chair of the DCMI/RDA Task Group, and lead the development of the RDA Vocabularies. She edited (with Elaine Westbrooks) “Metadata in Practice,” published by ALA Editions (2004) and publishes frequently on digital library and metadata issues in the Metadata Matters blog (http://managemetadata.com/blog/). Diane is currently a member of the NISO Content and Collections Management Committee.

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