Mia Ridge

Affiliation: Open University (ex-Science Museum)

Sector: Museum, Humanities, Academic

Country: United Kingdom

Website: http://openobjects.blogspot.com

Twitter: mia_out

Mia Ridge is a cultural heritage technologist. She has worked internationally as an analyst, consultant and programmer at the Science Museum/NMSI, Museum of London, the Catalhoyuk Research Project, Museum Victoria, and in the commercial sector. Her work focuses on the application of human-computer interaction theories to historical material, museum interpretation and collections online and she recently completed a Masters in Human-Centred Systems (City University) with a project investigating game design to crowdsource museum collections metadata. Mia has recently begun a PhD in Digital Humanities at the Open University, investigating the participatory digitisation of historical materials, with a focus on geo-located content. Mia is an active member of many museum technologists communities, curates the online hub for the discussion of machine-readable data for museums (http://museum-api.pbworks.com) and organises 'linking museums' meetups with developers from other sectors. Her work with developer communities lead to the release of NMSI collections data (http://api.sciencemuseum.org.uk/documentation/collections/) as a step toward understanding the requirements and best practices for linked data in the museum sector. Mia is interested in the usability of machine-readable interfaces such as APIs and linked data for the ranges of technical and informatics skills and knowledge in developer communities and in the points of resistance and lack of resources or knowledge that are preventing progress with linked open data.

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