Paul Keller

Affiliation: Knowledgeland, Creative Commons NL, Europeana

Sector: Library, Archive, Museum, Legal, Consortia and Networks, Other NGO or Non-Profit

Country: Netherlands


Twitter: paul_keller

I am copyright policy expert at Knowledgeland, an Amsterdam-based independent think-tank that works on issues related to the knowledge economy. Knowledgeland is active in a number of areas but my focus lies on copyright and digital cultural heritage. This includes working for Creative Commons as public project lead for the Netherlands as well as working on copyright issues in the Images for the Future mass digitization project. Knowledgeland is also one of the parties involved in developing the licensing framework for Europeana. Europeana is a metadata aggregator for all of Europe's cultural Heritage Institutions that is currently aggregating information about more than 12 millions objects. We are currently working on the second iteration of the licensing framework. The primary goal here is to enable publishing of the aggregated data as Linked open Data. We are currently in the midst of a stakeholder consultation process for the new data provider agreements that would allow Europeana to publish the aggregated metadata under CC0.

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