Richard Wallis

Affiliation: Talis

Sector: Library, For-Profit, Research, Semantic Web / Linked Data

Country: United Kingdom


Twitter: rjw

Richard is Technology Evangelist with Talis - deeply engaged with Linked Data both in general - partnering with the British Government (on, BBC, and other organisations adopting & identifying benefits of LD - and specifically within libraries and education - working with, and training, British Library staff on Linked Data publishing of Linked Bibliographic Data. He has a 20+ year background in building and delivering systems for libraries and the broader academic world, coupled with 5 years experience in an organisation that provides the infrastructure and services that publish many Linked Open Data sets, including the hosting for This experience, and engagement with teams such as that those responsible for the Open Data Commons licenses, provides the broad input in to his speaking engagements, often keynoting, on the benefits of Linked Data at library conferences (eg. IFLA & UKSG) and similar events in other sectors. Richard is the organiser and host for the Linked Data and Libraries Event held at the British Library in London - 2nd annual in July 2011.

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