Robb Detlefs

Affiliation: Gallery Systems

Sector: Museum, Academic

Country: United States


Twitter: rdetlefs

I have worked for the past 15 years as the product manager of the EmbARK collections management software application at Gallery Systems. I have helped hundreds of museums, private and corporate collections, and other image repositories transition to a digital environment. Additionally, many publish their collections online with our Web Kiosk software. I currently serve as a board member of the Visual Resources Association ( I am also a member of the CDWA Lite Working group and have helped with the transition to the new LIDO release -- helping to promote an international standard for sharing cultural heritage information in a standard XML format.

Related Projects:
Gallery Systems has spent the past five years developing a project called eMuseum Network ( The site currently provides access to over 1 million objects and images from over 40 museums. In addition to simply presenting the objects as is, we have started enriching the site with Linked Open Data. For example, we have made links to the Getty's ULAN and Freebase so that additional artist information is available. eMuseum Network will become available to the public in 2011 and we expect to continue enhancing the site with additional Linked Data sources.

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