Imma Subirats

Affiliation: FAO of the United Nations/E-LIS/CIEPI

Sector: Library, Sciences, Consortia and Networks, Research

Country: Italy


I am a librarian with two MSc in History and in Library and Information Science. I currently work as an information management specialist within the United Nations framework focused on recommendations and guidelines for developing countries on the production of bibliographical information and access to full text documents published on the Web. From there I am promoting the publication of bibliographic databases as linked open data with special regard to the assistance to data providers in selecting appropriate encoding strategies according to the needs of their bibliographic databases. I am also the co-founder and the Chief Executive of E-LIS (E-prints in Library and Information Science), the largest open archive in library and information science. I am also the founder of CIEPI, International Centre for Research in Information Strategy and Development, an international association that aims to analyze the current situation, trends and evolution of information, information techniques, processes, management, as well as the roles of information management specialists in the XXI Century. CIEPI is specifically addressed to open access to scholarly communication outputs, publishing, preservation of digital information, and standardization, evaluation and visibility of science with special regard to the promotion and publication of data as Linked Open Data. Together with the publication of Linked Open Data in Libraries and Archives and extremely related to it, my major research interests are: providing & advising on standards, services and tools for dissemination, sharing, archiving and processing of information for IKM projects; IKM tools; Open Access to scientific information and Standardization of metadata by the use of international standards.

Related Projects:
The Journal Authority Data (JAD) Collection, the LODE-BD Recommendations, E-LIS, JITA

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