Mark Phillips

Affiliation: University of North Texas Libraries

Sector: Library, Archive, Museum, Humanities, Legal, Consortia and Networks, Academic, Research

Country: United States


Twitter: vphill

I'm the Assistant Dean for Digital Libraries at the UNT Libraries in Denton Texas. I'm responsible for digital library infrastructure, workflows, digital preservation and access systems for a variety of projects that reach a wide range of users. My group is responsible for the Portal to Texas History and the UNT Digital Library which are both powered by a purpose built digital library software stack designed to provide a high quality experience for our many users of this content. The UNT Libraries is also heavily involved in Web archiving with projects such as the Cyber Cemetery and involvement in international Web archiving activities such as the IIPC. Finally my group is responsible for leading the research initiatives in the UNT libraries and currently participates in a variety of research projects funded by several federal funding agencies.

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