Rob Warren

Affiliation: University of Waterloo

Sector: Sciences, Humanities, Academic, Research

Country: Canada


Twitter: muninn_project

Rob Warren is a postdoctoral fellow working on databases, information retrieval and data interchange systems. His current interest is the re-use of historical data-sets for modern research projects and using linked open data for computing in the public interest.

Related Projects:
The aim of Muninn is to take archives of the first world war, extract the written data using massive amounts of computing power and turn the resulting information into semi-structured databases for further research. I'd like to swap ideas with a few of you on: * Using some of the current tools to ensure the link-ability of some of the archival sources used. * How do we make Dublin Core work properly for complex documents? * Neat strategies to separate layers of evidence from belief as well as really novel data-quality problems. * Some tags that we use in production to speed up reasoning, encode ambiguity and some common-sense linkages.

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