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WE are LAMs

Founded five years ago, LOD-LAM is committed to helping individuals (such as students), groups and institutions to access information on libraries, archives and museums.

We look into the history of LAMs; how they started and evolved over the years. We also focus on their increasing collaboration to offer integrated functions.

At LOD-LAM, we’ve invested in various resources to help us offer authoritative information on LAMs. Whether general information on LAMs, or something specific on a particular library, archive or museum, we’ve it covered.

We pride in our team of knowledgeable and highly experienced researchers with a passion for LAMs. We use authoritative primary and secondary sources of information to collect data on LAMs featured on our website.

LOD-LAD is the number one resource for information on libraries, archives and museums, including galleries.


The public display of interesting items has great value to the modern user. It enlightens the population and educates it. However, this wasn’t apparent before the Enlightenment era. Museums began as entertainment spots but developed the practice of collecting valuables.

The revolution of thoughts facilitated the recognition of scholarly collecting utility.

Erasmus of Rotterdam, Newton, Galileo, Descartes, Spinoza, Voltaire, Locke, Francis Bacon, Rousseau, Rabelais, Hume, and Montaigne, among other scholars, illustrated the contemporaneous activities of new thoughts.